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The Biggest Food Trends Of 2020

2019 gave us more Pan-Latin cuisine than we could eat, millennials made missing meals trendy (intermittent fasting) and everything average was covered in sprinkles and described as unicorn. With those trends (hopefully) left firmly in the last decade we caught up with our food forecasters to take a look at what we think the biggest food trends will be for 2020.

As diners become more health conscious, we predict that more and more guests will be eager to eat only organic produce. Although this means that restaurants will have to source organic ingredients, we are sure that restaurants will be eager to jump on this trend once they realize that consumers are happy to pay extra.

What a year for vegan dining 2019 was and 2020 is set to be an even bigger year. In 2020 any restaurant not offering vegan options risks losing a large percentage of diners. Vegan dining will also heavily influence a rise in sustainable dining as guests become increasingly concerned with what they consume and if it has been ethically sourced and sustainably produced.

Chef Collaborations
Four hands, six hands and even eight hands chef collaborations are happening all over town. The trend, which we must admit we are quite fond of, shows no sign of slowing down. A plus for diners is that they will get to experience several unique dining experiences as chefs push themselves to their creative boundaries.

Zero Waste Movement
2020 is set to be the year we see a zero waste movement. We’ve already seen many buffet style brunches decline in popularity as guests opt towards a more conscious dining experience.

Discounts are here to stay, we all know that one day the industry felt slightly empowered when the National Restaurant Association of India announced it was moving away from discounts, but it never quite had the impact many desired locally. I’ve always said if restaurants want to stop using discount platforms, they would have to offer similar discounts in house.

Ube flavored desserts are sure to be a hit in 2020 as the Filipino dessert comes into the spotlight. With a similar nutrition profile to the sweet potato the ube offers a sweeter yet nuttier taste.

Healthy Comfort Foods
We’ve already experienced zucchini noodles and 2020 looks like it will be bringing us cauliflower pizza, plant based burgers and vegetable fries as many people look for healthy alternatives to traditional comfort foods.

Specialty Restaurants
Whilst over the years we’ve been bombarded with fusion restaurants we predict 2020 will see many more specialty restaurants grace our culinary landscape. This trend is already picking up pace in Asia and we are sure it will soon appear in the Middle East.

Children’s Menu
I won’t be sad to see the end of chicken nuggets and mac and cheese on children’s menus. We predict that 2020 will see younger diners’ menus go through a radical re-engineering process as younger diners opt for healthier more ethical options.