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Chef’s Inspiration Behind The Menus

Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi
Chef’s Gaurav inspiration behind the menu is Rangoli. Rangoli is an art form, originating in the Indian subcontinent, in which patterns are created on the floor or the ground using quartz powder materials such as colored rice, colored sand or flower petals. The menu depicts richness, warmth, different colors which is very unique to the Indian Palate. The culinary journey will represent vibrant colors, different tastes which is associated with different regions in India

Hakkasan Abu Dhabi
Chef’s Lee inspiration in creating the menu for Art On Plate is the art of ‘ Taiji ‘ the Chinese philosophy of balance & moderation. – Taking inspiration from the art of ‘ Taiji ‘ the Chinese philosophy of balance and moderation, Chef Lee has created a menu that balances art with sensual Cantonese flavors. Seeped deep in Hakkasan’s roots of authentic Chinese cuisine, the unique ‘Art On A Plate’ menu takes a creative approach with modern twists, using the finest seasonal ingredients and fresh produce to really showcase what Hakkasan is about.

Villa Toscana
Chef Rosario brings Art On A Plate to life at Villa Toscana. Chef has merged two of Italy’s greatest exports, food and art, creating a unique menu inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous paintings. Journey through art as you relish dishes such as ‘The Last Supper’, ‘Lady with an Ermine’ and the ‘Mona Lisa’.

The Signature 3
The Signature 3 has created a bespoke menu that offers guests a journey through the different art epochs. Highlighting the hotel’s signature restaurants; Sontaya, Mazi and Buddha Bar-Beach, the unique menu transports guests from the runways of Milan to the paintings of Pablo Picasso.

Li Jiang
Chef Tran Thanh Chung has taken inspiration from Japanese watercolour techniques to create a visually stimulating menu. Representing the bold strokes of watercolour techniques are the bold flavors of the menu, such as the Sushi Temari. Highlighting an array of vivid colors each dish has been designed to truly represent ‘Art On A Plate’.

LPM Restaurant & Bar
Talking about the new Art a la Carte menu, LPM Chef Patron, Raphael Duntoye commented: “We have chosen a selection of signature dishes and also some of our newly launched creations, which we believe best represent this special project. Guests will experience the true artistic spirit and influences of the South of France: fresh, simple, colorful and inspirational… just like the food at LPM.”

Chef Marco has taken inspiration for the menu from Antonio Vivaldi’s ”Four Seasons,” a set of short Baroque violin concertos. The Italian composer’s most popular works have been reinterpreted to ‘Art On A Plate’, taking guests from the season of winter, where they will experience dishes like the Terrina di Cervo, to summer with dishes such as the Tortelloni alla Bufala through to autumn, ending on a sweet note.

Shang Palace
The menu has been inspired by the legendary Manchu–Han Imperial Feast (Chinese: 滿漢全席) that refers to a grand banquet held sometime in the Qing dynasty of China (1644–1911). One of the grandest meals ever documented in Chinese culinary history, the banquet reportedly consisted of 108 dishes served in six meals over the course of three days. The dishes themselves involved exotic ingredients and a variety of cooking techniques from every part of the Imperial China.
The Manchu Han Imperial Feast was more than just a lavish buffet of food, it was the pinnacle of culinary art and aesthetics. The banquet was a feast of both sight and taste, with great pains made by the chefs to create dishes that were visually enticing as well as savory and delicious.
For the Abu Dhabi Culinary Season, I have prepared an exclusive menu featuring five famous dishes out of the 108 the Manchu-Han Imperial Feast dishes. The menu that you are about to taste features my artistic interpretation of the legendary feast combining locally sourced ingredients with original cooking methods of the Imperial China.