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Myrra By Opa Restaurant Opening Soon – Dubai

Myrra by Opa, located on the Palm, offers guests an unmatched idyllic beachfront experience reminiscent of the beautiful islands it represents, Greece and Spain. The interiors will be something out of a picture-perfect getaway, with seating available both indoors and outdoors.

To add to island life nostalgia, the menu will contain impeccably executed dishes that combine Greek and Spanish cuisines. The insanely delectable flavors will transcend guests to the shores of the beautiful islands without them having to leave Dubai. A feast for all the senses, the succulent dishes will be served so beautifully, that it’s bound to satiate all your cravings.

True to Greek and Spanish cultures, everyone is welcome. The dining spot is perfect for the whole family, positioning Myrra by Opa as the next picturesque hotspot in Dubai for lunch and dinner. A special kids-friendly area for the young ones will make them want to stay longer than the adults.

Coming Soon!