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Dining & Nightlife Discounts UAE

Welcome to the Dining & Nightlife Discounts App

Welcome to the Dining & Nightlife Discounts App

Congratulations on your new download and thank you for choosing the Dining & Nightlife Discounts app!

The Dining & Nightlife Discounts app features a range of discounts across Abu Dhabi and soon Dubai. Discounts vary across five various categories from food and beverage, spa experiences to days out.

Once you’ve subscribed you will be able to start using the Dining & Nightlife Discounts app.

Discounts are separated into five categories, the categories are;

Dining Deals

  • 25% food & beverage
  • 50% off food only
  • 2-for-1 on starters, main course or dessert

Brunch Bargains

  • 25% off brunch
  • 50% off brunch
  • 2-for-1 brunch deals

Last Minute Offers

  • 50%+ off for 1-6 days

Exclusive Experiences

  • % off a selection of experiences


  • % discount for events & shows
  • 25% off beverages
  • 50% off beverages
  • 2-for-1 beverages
  • 25% off hubbly bubbly
  • 50% off hubbly bubbly
  • 2-for-1 hubbly bubbly

Redeem a voucher

Once you’ve selected the voucher simply inform the staff at the outlet, type in your pin and show the staff the verification code, the staff wont need to do anything from their side, it’s as simple as that!

Share a voucher 

Sharing a voucher couldn’t be easier simply select the voucher of your choice and email it to your friend or family member. However only friends or family with the Dining & Nightlife Discount app will be able to accept and redeem vouchers sent from the app. Also, be sure to send it to the same email address they have registered on the app with.


On the Dining & Nightlife Discounts app you can view menus, images and videos of each outlet before visiting.


Read customer reviews about their experiences before visiting the listed merchants.


Here you can update all your details, your public name, picture, email, mobile, date of birth, pin and switch your notifications on and off.

My Vouchers

Here you will see the vouchers you’ve received and sent to other Dining & Nightlife Discount app users.


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If you have any questions be sure to contact us through the app itself or on email