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Tori No Su

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers highly acclaimed Japanese restaurant, Tori No Su offers a multitude of gourmetJapanese cuisine, carefully crafted by kaiseki-trained Chef de Cuisine, Takashi Ando. Kaiseki is the meticulous preparation of exquisite multi-course Japanese cuisine, traditionally prepared for royal families. It is unique to find a chef in the city with this skill set, this adds to the anticipation of our dining experience this evening.

Tori No Su is a stylish and modern venue, prominent lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling, exuding luxury and sophistication, whilst the open kitchen adds a sense of theatre. Although modern, small authentic Japanese touches can be seen throughout the restaurant, such as the red origami themed wall art.

Tori No Su now offers guests an option of a paper or digital (iPad) menus. This simple addition makes a big difference to our dining experience. The cuisine is authentic Japanese and when we had previously visited we had felt slightly overwhelmed by the selection of diverse dishes. However, this time we are able to view images and descriptions of the dishes on the iPad whilst ordering, allowing us to choose dishes that better suit our requirements. Admittedly we do order more than planned but with dishes looking this appetizing we find it hard to resist.

Now onto the food, for starters we select the Edamame; Japanese beans seasoned with salt, Miso Soup; tofu, seaweed, spring onion, mushroom and miso and the Hotate Ebi Gyoza; pan fried dumplings, with prawn, scallop, shiitake, onion and cabbage. Both the Edamame and Miso Soup are enjoyable but the Hotate Ebi Gyoza is delightful, lightly fried, the Gyoza offers a soft yet crisp texture, inside a sensational mouthful of thick succulent prawn and scallop.

Moving onto intermediates, we select the Duck Kuwayaki; duck breast, Japanese leeks, in sweet soya sauce alongside the Ebi Tempura; deep fried tempura battered prawns served with tempura sauce. The Duck Kuwayaki is exceptional, it’s a pleasure to enjoy a duck dish that isn’t fatty. The thick pieces of buttery duck melt in our mouth and the sweet soya sauce perfectly compliments the duck.

For the main course we select the Lobster Rolls: lobster, unagi tempura, avocado, cucumber, egg, spring onion, shiso leaves, tobiko and wasabi mayonnaise, Gindara Miso Yaki; grilled black cod marinated in miso, Lobster in Tomato Miso Sauce; lobster, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, green beans and a side of Seafood Fried Rice; prawn, squid, egg, carrot, onion, spring onion, zucchini and sweet soya sauce.

The Gindara Miso Yaki, is delectable, perfectly grilled the black cod flakes off our fork, the crisp fish skin adds texture, whilst the rich miso offers a sweet taste. It is evident that the black cod is of high quality, however we do wish the portion was slightly larger. The lobster dishes are our favourite, the Lobster Rolls burst with flavour, from the rich lobster, to the cool avocado, to the tangy wasabi, superb. The Lobster in Tomato Miso Sauce is infused with flavour, the miso has more of a paste texture emphasising its bold taste.

To conclude our dining experience at Tori No Su we enjoy the warm Banana Fritter served atop of a caramel pumpkin pudding with strawberry ice-cream, my dining partner opts for the traditional Mochi Ice Cream.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at Tori No Su. This venue provides the perfect dining option for a get together with family and friends or a romantic meal.

Edamame AED 40

Miso Soup AED 45

Hotate Ebi Gyoza AED 65

Duck Kuwayaki AED 90

Ebi Tempura AED 170

Lobster Rolls AED 90

Gindara Miso Yaki AED 165

Lobster in Tomato Miso Sauce AED 275

Seafood Fried Rice AED 30

Banana Fritter AED 45

Mochi Ice Cream AED 40

Tori No Su, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, 02 811 5666