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The Next Chapter In Indian Fine Dining – Dubai

Billing itself as ‘The World’s Most Exclusive Modern Indian Dining Experience,’ Tresind Studio is the creative genius of award-winning Chef Himanshu Saini. Located within Tresind at the voco Hotel on bustling Sheikh Zayed Road, this tour de force in modern Indian gastronomy is well worth a visit.

Stepping off the lift, we’re greeted by the distinctive signage of the restaurant. The Tresind logo, displayed proudly on dark blue walls, pairs nicely with lighter wooden tiles and other unique appointments throughout the venue. With reservations at the in-demand Tresind Studio, we walk through the modern sophistication of Tresind and decide to enjoy a drink in the shared lounge area, located just outside the door leading into Tresind Studio. For those not in the know, the beverage menu, created by the talented Sherine John, offers one of a kind options not found elsewhere in the city. Amid original selections, the presentation of beverages is unbelievably creative (and often Instagram worthy), and there is a drink to match whatever you might be in the mood for. If you have any questions, the helpful bar staff are happy to assist.

After finishing a leisurely drink, we’re ushered inside Tresind Studio, and get our first glimpse of the establishment. The bright interior is a distinct contrast to the dark wood outside, and, with limited seating, the atmosphere is immediately intimate. Immaculately pressed tablecloths, pendant lighting, and views overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road ensure a romantic ambiance. Given the rectangular space of the dining room, configurations for different sized groups are easily accommodated. We’re seated at a two-top near the window and would recommend making a similar request for maximum privacy during dinner. Of course, for interested foodies, a seat near the open kitchen might be a more exciting view.

We’re asked if we prefer the vegetarian or non-vegetarian tasting menu, and we both opt for the non-veg approach. For those who have never been to Tresind Studio, the meal always begins with a bit of a show. In the form of billowing dry ice — enhanced with different aromas — the scene is set for a special meal. Menus are not distributed until the end of the dinner so that every course offers a bit of a surprise.

We’re first treated to a round of snacks, small bites of immaculately created hors d’oeuvres.  Plating is a true highlight here, and the delicate nibbles are presented on unique dishes. Even something as simple as bread finds a way to be elevated and delicious. There is always a surprise or two on the menu, and the evening of our visit is no different. We don’t want to spoil what happens for future guests, but we will mention a cartoon lamb was involved with our favorite course.

As much as we enjoy the new additions to the Chapter Two menu at Tresind Studio, we’re happy to see some inclusions from Chapter One. Most specifically, the beautifully presented Wagyu Curry, which remains one of our favorites. Similarly, a highlight of the meal which remains from the first version of the menu is the humble Khichdi, a uniquely prepared group of ingredients representing all of India. We love the intelligent approach, as well as the modest method of serving. As we near the end of our many courses, desserts follow the trend of the rest of the meal and are composed of beautiful well-constructed bites, and memorably finish the meal.

Overall, we love the orchestration of the service throughout the meal. Tresind Studio differentiates their wait staff by identifying them as butlers, who are dressed and trained to match their designations. Water is quickly topped up, and we are never with an empty glass. Plates are expediently cleared, and the overall pacing is perfect. Overdue for a catch-up, my guest and I were happy to enjoy all of the courses at a leisurely pace (and were the last ones in the dining room).

Our only note, and we’ve mentioned this during Chapter One, is how we would love to see a special beverage pairing for such an elevated menu.

Overall, we look forward to future pop-ups and chapters from the talented team, and whatever pursuits the Passion F&B Group have in store for global diners.  

Tresind Studio Degustation, AED 427 for food only.

Tresind Studio, voco Hotel, Dubai, +971 4 308 0440

By Courtney Brandt, Founder of A to Za’atar,

Image Credit: Nadia Michael @onelatteplease_dxb