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SushiSan – Abu Dhabi

Since its inception SushiSan has gathered quite a large following. Located at the Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi, SushiSan boasts cozy booths, bold red walls, an open sushi counter and geisha inspired art, making this one trendy Japanese eatery.

Tonight, we are visiting SushiSan to try their Thursday Night Fusion Brunch. We are welcomed by the team and escorted to our table. Our waitress explains the concept to us, we are shown a menu which features eight Maki Roll options and three Nigiri options, we can select either three or six pieces of each option. Guests simply tick their preferred sushi option and how many pieces they would like, and the chefs freshly prepare the selected sushi.

Whilst we wait for our fresh sushi to arrive, we have the option to graze from the open Asian influenced buffet. The buffet features an array of delightful Asian delicacies from Asian Noodles with Chicken, Lettuce Wraps, Sushi Fish Burger, Fried Dim Sum, Chicken Manto Bun, Chicken Laksa and Pumpkin and Coconut Salad. Not wanting to overindulge before the sushi arrives, we select a small helping of the Vegetable Tempura and Vegetable Spring Rolls.

Shortly after our selection of sushi arrives, presented in a platter. Our selection consists of three pieces of each of the four different varieties of Maki Rolls. The Maki Rolls selected are, California Rolls with avocado, cucumber and crabstick tobiko, Philadelphia Rolls with smoked salmon and cream cheese, Dynamite Amethyst Rolls with prawn, spicy mayo, crabstick, takuan, spring onion and purple potato chips and the Mucho Bonito with spicy tuna, cucumber, spicy mayo and fried bread crumbs. The Dynamite Amethyst Rolls are our favorite, bursting with flavor these are a must try. From our last visit we were slightly disappointed to see that the Tiger Tempura Rolls and the unique Beetroot Rolls are no longer on the menu as these were two of our favorites, although with the options available guests are still sure to find something to their liking.

After we finish our sushi platter the waitress asks us if we would like to try some of the sashimi, we opt for a small helping of the Salmon. With each bite the Salmon Sashimi melts in our mouth, its some of the best fresh Salmon we have tasted in a while.

For dessert we head back to the buffet, although many tasty desserts are on offer from Red Velvet Cheesecake, Coconut Caramel Cake to Black Sesame Macaroons we opt to skip dessert as we are full.

The Thursday Night Fusion Brunch at SushiSan, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi is a great way to start the weekend. If you like sushi and want to get into the weekend mood, you will be hard pressed to find a better offer than that at SushiSan on a Thursday night.

AED 199 for food and soft beverages or AED 265 for food and selected beverages.  

SushiSan, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi, 800 78 744 726