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Sky-High Dining At Prime68 – Dubai

Sky-high dining is on the menu today as we visit Prime68, located at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, the world’s tallest 5-star hotel. Located on the 68th floor, Prime68 is one of the most popular steakhouses in Dubai. Prime68 offers quality ingredients, and sources the finest beef from heritage farms around the globe, all served to the backdrop of Dubai’s breathtaking city views.

The restaurant is divided into 3 parts, the private dining area, perfect for groups or special occasions, the main restaurant, where you will find the show kitchen, and my favourite space, and what I like to call the intimate dining area, this area is dotted with cosy plush leather booths, and individual tables with views spanning over the city. We take one of these perfectly socially distanced tables and begin to browse the menu. Worth mentioning is that these tables (which we highly recommend you book in advance) are secluded between bold mirrored walls, allowing you to dine in privacy.

As we scan through the menu the team welcome us with Prime68’s signature mocktail, a refreshing start to the proceedings. The menu offers a range of dishes, and to say you will be spoilt for choice is an understatement. Order placed, we take a moment to enjoy the view and graze on the homemade breads. First out of the kitchen is the amuse-bouche, a rustic and fragrant Roasted Carrot and Orange Soup with Tarragon Foam. The contrast in flavours is sublime and a delightful introduction to what is to come.

After much debate, we finally agree upon the Burrata and Caesar Salad to begin. Arriving in symphony both dishes look and smell magnificent. We begin with the Burrata which sits atop of thick cut Wild Mushrooms, perched next to a bed of luscious Lamb’s Lettuce only to be further complimented by roughly shaved Black Truffles, and for extra indulgence, the dish is served with Grilled Sourdough Bread. Unsuspectingly the Caesar Salad is equally as impressive, and extremely generous in portion size. The team insist that we cannot visit Prime68 without trying the signature Maryland Crab Cake, we oblige, and a serving arrives to the table piping hot. As we cut into the Crab Cake, we are pleased to see thick chunks of delightful crab meat. The Fennel Radish Slaw, Pickled Mustard, Old Bay Tartar and Lemon add the perfect paring of acidity and sourness to enhance the dishes flavour.

An avid steak connoisseur, my dining companion seems elated with the selection of cuts available and opts for the Rib-Eye AA5 300g. Wanting to see if Primae68 is a one trick pony or, can equally deliver all the dishes on the menu to the same standard as it does the steak, I opt for the Cedar Wood Roasted Salmon. For sides we choose the Simple Mash Potato, Sauteed Wild Mushrooms and Charred Broccolini.

Adding an element of interactivity to the dining experience my companion is able to select his knife from a range of unique handcrafted steak knives. Now armed to indulge in his meal, the Rib-Eye is presented to the table, cooked medium-well (as requested) and served on black slate. Cooked on the Josper Grill, this cooking technique produces a steak with a caramelized exterior and a wood charcoal flavour profile. Gliding perfectly through the expertly grilled cut, the Rib-Eye balances rich flavours with juicy textures.

The Salmon is elegantly placed upon a bed of Grilled Asparagus and served with Bearnaise sauce on the side. Flaking off the fork the light Cedar Wood echoes through each bite. The portions are that generous (a theme through the entire menu) that we do struggle slightly to enjoy as much of the sides as we had hoped. That said we make a noteworthy effort.

Having overindulged we debate whether or not to have dessert. A debate the team quickly put to rest when they tell us that under no circumstances can we leave without trying the desserts (yes plural). Pausing for a coffee and digging deep we move forth onto the desserts. Two glorious, sweet plates of temptation arrive, the New York Cheesecake and the Baked Chocolate Ganache. Our advice, if you want to finish on something slightly more citric go for the Cheesecake, the Passionfruit element makes it light and zesty. Alternatively, if you want something rich and smooth the 70% Cocoa in the Baked Chocolate Ganache will transport you to a chocolate utopia.

Prime68 ticked all the boxes, from a superb menu, effortlessly chic décor, to warm and friendly service. Visit for dinner and enjoy a fine dining experience with great city views or pass by for lunch on Friday and enjoy a well-priced lunch menu which starts at AED 195 per person with soft beverages, either way you won’t be disappointed.

Burrata, AED 95
Caesar Salad, AED 65
Maryland Crab Cake, AED 95
Rib-Eye AA5 300g, AED 345
Cedar Wood Roasted Salmon, AED 160
Simple Mash Potato, AED 35
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms, AED 35
Charred Broccolini, AED 35
New York Cheesecake, AED 55
Baked Chocolate Ganache, AED 55

Prime68, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, +971 4 414 3000