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Pizza di Rocco, Taste the flavours of Italy

Born from the spirit of Master Pizzaiolo Rocco. Rocco’s passion for creating authentic Italian gourmet pizzas has made Pizza di Rocco the success it is today. Pizza di Rocco has mastered the art of delectable pizzas time and time again, light, crispy, natural and fresh from the oven, sink your teeth into this delightful taste of Italy.

Nothing beats la vera pizza Italiana, the real Italian pizza. One bite and you’ll instantly taste the freshness and authenticity of a true Italian pizza. It’s about simplicity and natural ingredients combined to achieve that exceptional gusto, taste. It all starts with using a traditional hand-tossed base, and culinary techniques passed down through generations, cooked in handmade cupola-style oven and topped with Italian herbs.

Pizza di Rocco Secrets

Rocco’s Sauce

Pass by Pizza di Rocco early in the morning and you will see the expert Pizzaiola’s hard at work. That’s because the Pizzaiola’s make Rocco’s sauce fresh instore every morning following Rocco’s traditional sauce recipe.

Rocco’s Ingredients

Ingredients are key and no one knows this better than Pizza di Rocco, they import most of their ingredients directly from Italy because they know there is no substitution for authenticity.

Rocco’s Dough

A real pizza begins with authentic hand tossed dough. Rocco’s dough is made from 100% fresh ingredients and contains no preservatives or artificial additives. Plus it comes in a choice of original white flour or whole-wheat flour!

So call Pizza di Rocco today for the true taste of Italy, the way Rocco intended it.

Pizza di Rocco

Al Salam Street and Etihad Plaza

02 885 3222