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Pastry Perfection In Paris

There are many wonderful reasons to visit Paris and delightful cuisine should be high up on the list of anyone planning a trip to the City of Lights. After exploring all the tourist attractions, if you’re in the mood for pastry, there are several fantastic outlets worth a visit. And all that walking around the city helps balance the calories…oui?

Tea at The Ritz Paris
There are few properties as synonymous with Paris as much as the beloved and beautifully sophisticated Ritz Paris. Located on the upscale Place Vendome, the tea is offered from 2.30 to 6.00pm in the restaurant Salon Proust and features pastry from award-winning Chef François Perret. In addition to small sandwiches and a tower of freshly baked scones, diners can choose from a selection of immaculately curated (almost too beautiful to eat) desserts. The cost of the tea is 68 Euros and includes savory dishes, scones, a hot beverage, and a choice of pastry. We suggest the sumptuous signature Ritz au Lait.
Location: 15 Place Vendôme

Looking for a delicious grab and go in the morning? Or perhaps a pick me up in the afternoon? If the queue is any sign of how popular Bo&Mie is, the selection of flaky croissants, toasty brioches, and the crazy amount of sweet viennoiseries will have you wondering how easy it is to bring batches of these tasty treats home. The creation of two former students of Ecole Ferrandi in Paris, the location also includes a cozy outdoor seating area to watch the world go by (and enjoy your purchase al fresco).
Location: 18 Rue de Turbigo

Cafe Pierre Hermé
One of the most influential pastry chefs in the world, the creator of some of the most unique macaron flavours in the world, has a freestanding shop where guests can stop in for one of his many beautiful creations. While there are other locations from this celebrated chef, we enjoyed the ease of being able to walk in and select the perfect macaron of our choice. There are some of his classics (including the Mogador), as well as seasonal selections, and with an attached cafe with a more substantial menu, this venue is well worth a visit. Looking for something to bring back to your friends and family? A box of designer macarons is always appreciated.
Location: 53 – 57 Rue de Grenelle

Gateaux d’émotions by Philippe Conticini
One of the significant figures of French pastry has a standalone patisserie, which is classic and straightforward. Celebrated and approachable, Chef Philippe Conticini showcases some of his versions of reconstructed classics, along with other delicious novelties in beautiful glass cases. We think his version of the famous Paris-Brest pastry is one of the best in the world, and definitely worth ordering.
Location: 37 Rue de Varenne

Mori Yoshida
The modernist and minimalist interiors of the venue are striking, and the pastry is equally impressive. Stop in for basic viennoiserie or one of the more intricate pastries, and then walk across the street to the nearby park to enjoy your treat. With stunning views of the Les Invalides on the Esplanade Jacques-Chaban-Delmas, this is the perfect stopping point for an afternoon break. We recommend ordering his take on the classic Mont-Blanc, prepared beautifully, and with the addition of a crispy pastry at the bottom, a memorable dish to enjoy.
Location: 65 Avenue de Breteuil

Des gateaux et du pain by Claire Damon
Like much of the culinary industry, women in the kitchen aren’t always abundant. Fortunately, talented Claire Damon is among the best of her peers. With a sleek black and mirrored interior, the pastry sits perfectly in a refrigerated display, beautiful in their simplicity. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, there is a wall of bread and viennoiseries to choose from. Fruit is often prevalent in her dishes, and Chef Claire only selects them at the height of their season. We suggest ordering her version of the almost too beautiful to eat J’adore la Fraise.
Location: 89 Rue du Bac

Of course, there is plenty more pastry to explore, and the UAE is not without its own French imports. Fans of French food can always find Angelina and Lauderee within the Emirates.