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New Menu And More At Seven Sisters – Dubai

I’ll be upfront and admit that this is my first visit to Seven Sisters. However, my dining partner and I have picked an excellent time to visit, as we get to experience the new menu at the restaurant, created by acclaimed UK Chef, Erren Gem. Chef Gem has 11 years of working in globally renowned restaurants, most recently in London. With his arrival to Dubai, he’s made notable changes to the menu, which showcases Mediterranean, Asian, and American flavours.

Located in the far, far end of the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, we finally find the stairs to Seven Sisters’ entrance, after a few wrong turns. Yes, there is another entrance, but we inadvertently choose the long road via the hotel’s interior. Our first suggestion to the venue is perhaps a few more signs. Given how large the hotel is and how many F&B outlets there are, a little wayfinding would be appreciated.

Climbing the neon-lit stairs, upon entry, we decide to sit at one of the high tables overlooking the lights, sounds and atmosphere of the Dubai canal. Given the open-air ceiling, we get the best of both worlds with the unique indoor/outdoor approach at Seven Sisters. And yes, it’s worth nabbing one of the tables closest to the canal. Settling in, we review the menu and place orders from the extensive beverage list and get in the mood with an above-level soundtrack, which keeps us grooving all night.

To start, we receive freshly prepared Guacamole with Plantain Chips, and both agree that while the Plantain Chips are a nice touch, we could definitely use a bit more salt. Sushi lovers will not be disappointed, as we receive one of our favourite dishes of the evening, a massive platter that contains a few favourites such as, California Roll, Prawn Tempura Roll, and the Salmon Sashimi with Spring Onion and Yakitori. For a similar experience, we recommend ordering the Raw Bar Platter, to get a taste of everything. We’re not quite done with seafood, as we receive a Seabass Tiradito with Passion Fruit and Black Quinoa, it’s okay for me (and I eat more than my share), but my dining partner finds the sauce a little sweet. We’re also served Beetroot and Truffle Goat Cheese Salad, which, to be quite honest, we don’t enjoy. The ‘Salad’ could use quite a bit more texture and less Truffle Oil. Fortunately, the Spinach Salad is a thing of beauty. Wonderfully filling and completely vegan with a memorable sauce, this is definitely one dish to order again.

We move to Crispy Soft-Shell Crab with a Jalapeno Mayo which should appeal to fans of Crab (and we give high marks for the Jalapeno Mayo). Additionally, because Dubai has a few favourite trends, the 23K Gold Katsu Wagyu Sandwich is also offered (and, naturally, is served with Truffle Mayo). Although the Wagyu Sandwich is perfect for the ‘gram, personally, we’re much bigger fans of the super tender Aji Miso Short Ribs, which offers a strong contender for our favourite dish of the evening. We finish up our smaller plates with Polenta Fried Calamari which is served with a unique Citrus Coriander Mayo.

For mains, we try the Marinated Baby Chicken with Pineapple Jerk Sauce and Cashew Salt, which is seasoned beautifully, and at a very reasonable price. The Grilled Lobster with Yuzu Kosho Butter comes out a bit colder than we prefer (maybe we shouldn’t have taken all those photos), and for the price, we think the serving is a bit small. For sides, I absolutely love the Caramelized Aubergine, while across the table, my dining partner is a fan of the Grilled Sweet Potato.

We finish the meal with Chocolate Fondant, served with Vanilla Ice Cream and infused Caramel. Can you miss with this kind of dessert? Not really. And yes, we’re already looking at the Dessert Platter for our next visit.

Obviously, there is plenty to choose from, and while not particularly apparent from our particular visit, vegetarians should be able to find filling options as well. We’re well looked after throughout the meal, with service inquiring how we enjoy our plates and asking if we prefer refills. The team is also happy to change plates and provide sanitized flatware between courses. After chatting with the service team, we learn that one of the most popular time to visit Seven Sisters is for their Sundown Brunch, which is booked weeks in advance, so be sure to call ahead if you’re planning to join on a Friday.

Overlooking the Dubai Canal, the terrace and lounge at Seven Sisters is a lovely setting to enjoy a meal, drinks and music with friends.

Guacamole and Plantain Chips, AED 50
Raw Bar Platter, AED 310
Seabass Tiradito, AED 85
Beetroot and Truffle Goat Cheese Salad, AED 55
Spinach Salad, AED 50
Crispy Soft-Shell Crab, AED 80
23K Gold Katsu Wagyu Sandwich, AED 150
Aji Miso Short Ribs, AED 70
Polenta Fried Calamari, AED 65
Marinated Baby Chicken, AED 85
The Grilled Lobster, AED 280
Caramelized Aubergine, AED 30
Grilled Sweet Potato, AED 30
Chocolate Fondant, AED 55

Seven Sisters, Dubai, +971 56 775 4777