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MENA’s Most Exquisite Dining Experience – La Table Krug by Y Reopens – Bahrain

La Table Krug by Y reopens its world-class fine dining restaurant. Embark on an epicurean journey for the senses, spearheaded by legendary food disruptor Yann Bernard Lejard with one of the boldest and most revolutionary gourmet dining experiences.

The culinary journey at La Table Krug by Y is inspired by Yann’s artistic expression where the food comes alive and transports diners to unexpected places within their imagination. In a new era of food creation, following the “food and art” pioneering movement “Yannesque” created by culinary artist Yann Bernard Lejard, each delectable bite evokes pure emotion. A gastronomic paradise, the food and beverages on offer are constantly reinvented through creative dishes that take inspiration from the vast culinary world heritage and the legacy of the natural French-born chef.

Food should be more than just a means of sustenance; it should be a complete sensory experience. When dining at La Table Krug by Y, we want to create a unique journey for each guest. The menu will always be daring, playful, and unexpected. We don’t set limits. Instead, we aim to create culinary masterpieces that are bold and extraordinary to give our diners something they have never seen before,” said Yann Bernard Lejard.

Masterfully creating works of art from bold ingredients, Yann Bernard Lejard’s award-winning talents chart a unique culinary journey that awakens the senses. Now re-opened guests can revel in an exquisite, ever evolving menu of artfully crafted dishes.

La Table Krug by Y is led by Director of Culinary and Food and Beverage, Yann Bernard Lejard, along with a team of exceptionally dedicated Ladies and Gentlemen. Nightly dinner service is at hand from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. A sophisticated a la carte menu is available and a curated Experimotional set menu is available upon request.

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