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Jumeirah Al Naseem’s Stylish Addition, Kayto – Dubai

Stepping through the stylish and contemporary lobby of Jumeirah Al Naseem, my dining partner and I immediately spot the iconic Burj Al Arab, gleaming, on a late winter day. Walking through to Kayto, situated with perfect views of the recognizable neighbour, and overlooking the pool and beach, the former pop up restaurant is a location to easily spend a few hours. With a modern interior featuring plenty of natural light, we choose one of the best tables, near the window, with the Burj providing a backdrop for us to enjoy lunch. If making reservations, be sure to request one of these seats. With a peek at the menu, we’re interested in what the Peruvian-Nikkei restaurant has to offer.

Our server, who is highly attentive throughout the meal, takes our drink order and returns with Edamame, for my dining partner and I to snack on. We begin with Crispy Rice, which is topped with a Spicy Tuna Tartare. We love the combination and wish more restaurants in town served some form of crispy rice. We’re also served a subtlety flavoured Sea Bass Sashimi with stunning presentation. The theme of beautiful plating runs throughout the meal.

Next up is my favourite dish of the day, Roasted Langoustines, creatively served in a stylish glass with the perfect amount of shiso salsa. The delicate protein is cooked to perfection, and we love the seasoning. The Salmon Tataki, is easily the most beautifully presented dish of the day, with an excellent blend of vegetables, and a slightly sour miso karashi sauce. While I am initially a bit suspicious of the Tuna Truffle Ceviche, the dish is a well-blended balance of earthy and savoury. Often, truffle is taken too far by chefs and ends up overpowering a dish, we like the restraint shown in this Kayto recipe. Additionally, while I make a bit of a mess at the table between all of the starters, our server swoops in to easily switch out plates between courses.

We try two sushi rolls next, and it’s the Soft Shell Crab, that is the winner for both of us. The creamy Aji Amarillo sauce puts the roll on another level. We also enjoy the Tuna roll with creamy spicy sauce. We’re happy that the portions are quite generous and should keep any sushi enthusiast happy. Furthermore, we note that should you be in the mood for something other than Kayto’s signature rolls, traditional sushi is available on request.

For our main courses, we decide on both a beef option and a choice of seafood. The dishes are delivered at the same time and include the Marinated Sea Bass, which is served with creamy Aji Amarillo Rice. The dish involves a bit of tableside action, which adds a little bit of flair to our dining experience. While my dining partner wants a bit more umami, I am happy that a restaurant is trying a different approach with the fish. The Wagyu Beef Tataki, arrives at the table, sliced thinly and served up with Japanese mushrooms and a selection of Kayto sauces. Much like all of the dishes we’ve sampled so far, our main courses could, and easily is, split between two people.

For dessert, we receive what might be Dubai’s most perfectly sized cheesecake, with a small scoop of mandarin sorbet, as well as a selection of mochi. Yes, we’re full and satisfied. Overall, we love the beautiful interior, straightforward and uncluttered approach to the menu and attentive service.

Would we go back to Kayto? We can’t think of a better place for lunch (including the reasonably priced AED 130 business lunch) or a romantic spot for a date night. Overall, we feel the prices are in line with the location and quality of ingredients.

Edamame, AED 25
Crispy Rice, Spicy Tuna Tartare, AED 70
Sea Bass Sashimi, AED 70
Roasted Langoustines, AED 75
Salmon Tataki, AED 65
Tuna Truffle Ceviche, AED 80
Soft Shell Crab Rolls, AED 75
Tuna Rolls, AED 65
Marinated Sea Bass, AED 185
Wagyu Beef Tataki, AED 220

Kayto, Jumeirah Al Naseem, Dubai, +971 4 432 3232