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Hong Kong, Taste and Explore

Serious foodies will love their time in Hong Kong. The city offers something for everyone’s budget from outdoor market stalls to Michelin Star restaurants. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Hong Kong can only offer Cantonese cuisine, this bustling city has a diverse gastronomical offering.

Our Top 5 Hong Kong Foodie Experiences

Caprice – Three Michelin Stars

Although featured in the Michelin guide for the last eleven years, Caprice has yet again managed to regain its three-star status. Chef Guillaume Galliot, a driving force joined the restaurant two years ago. Since Guillaume has worked with his team to offer contemporary French cuisine highlighting luxurious ingredients in perfectly executed dishes.

8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana – Three Michelin Stars

This restaurant oozes Italian flair, from the cuisine to the charming staff. Chef Umberto Bombana trained under Ezio Santin. He was a prime mover in introducing the white truffle to Hong Kong’s restaurant scene and he introduced the World White Truffle of Alba Auction to Hong Kong. In 2006, Bombana was appointed by Piedmontese Regional Enoteca Cavour as their International White Truffle Ambassador.

Sushi Saito – Two Michelin Stars

Looking for the best sushi in the city? Look no further than Sushi Saito, founded by legendary chef Takashi Saito. Sushi Saito is like Caprice also located in the Four Seasons Hong Kong. Guests are invited to experience authentic Edomae sushi at the tranquil restaurant overlooking the Hong Kong skyline. Sushi Saito celebrates the freshest seasonal seafood, hand-picked by Chef Takashi Saito every morning at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market and transported to Hong Kong on the same day.

Mammy Pancake – Michelin Guide 2019 – Street Food 

These egg waffles set themselves apart from any other by their crispy outside exterior and warm chewy interior, plus Mammy Pancake has perfected the recipe so we the egg waffles have zero sogginess. Mammy Pancakes keeps diners in anticipation as they run through a range of flavors from coffee to green tea. If you fancy something extra sweet, ask for the waffles stuffed with condensed milk or peanut butter.

Hong Kong Foodie Tours – Local Tour Guides

These tours are organized by passionate Hong Kong foodies, most have grown up in Hong Kong. What also makes this tour so unique is that it is one of the very few walking tours. If you take this tour you’ll get to savor everything from dim sum to egg tarts, roast meat to wonton noodles, Chinese dessert to local seafood. We’d highly recommend this tour for anyone that wants to do something fun. Also, worth noting is that Hong Kong Foodie Tours partners with Hong Kong Tourism Board, giving you peace of mind.

The Verdict

Hong Kong is a must visit city for any foodie. From its cheap food stalls to high-end restaurants foodies will be challenged on choosing a dining destination. What we love about Hong Kong apart from its warm and welcoming residents, is that this is a city you can enjoy regardless of your budget.  

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