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Flavours Friday Brunch

The Sheraton Abu Dhabi, it sits quietly, but proudly, without having to flaunt its laurels for those already in the know.  While each of their eateries have a following, on this occasion I was there for the Friday Brunch held in Flavours. My expectations were set high for good service, having been specifically asked about my food preferences at the time of my reservation… A personal touch that is signature of Flavours.

The restaurant is airy and open, letting in the natural light from the large wall of windows, while providing diners with a relaxing aerial view of the pool and lush gardens. The feel is contemporary with no tablecloths, exposing marble or wooden tables topped with crisp white napkins and modern sleek silverware. Patrons quickly fill the restaurant early, including the arrival of three large birthday parties (which is the usual). The live band strikes up and the crowd makes the atmosphere welcoming and vibrant. The staff are helpful and friendly, really wanting everyone to enjoy themselves. Glasses are filled before they are ever empty and dirty plates never sit on your table long. The Head Chef makes his rounds to personally check on his diners and chat with those that already know him well. Obviously, this is a place that people return to and bring their friends.

The buffet covers its bases with everything from made to order, Asian noodles, to hot fluffy Yorkshire Pudding.  Although I was utterly tempted by the extensive dessert station, I managed to keep on track and start light…seafood. The selection makes you wonder how many countless hours the staff must have spent shucking, cracking and cleaning. Oysters, lobster, crab, sashimi, sushi…a five-star offering at a fraction of the price. Hot dishes like roast lamb and ratatouille are each managed by a stationed chef who will offer to cook diners something special if they prefer. See grilled cod, but want salmon? No problem. And be sure to ask for the made to order fries, which will be served right to your table, hot and crispy.

The bread and cheese sections are above par, with earthy favourites like the crusty wheat rolls and chewy focaccia (wafting of olive oil) as a difficult choice against the flaky croissants and braided French rolls. The sharp blue cheeses and rich bries balance out the mild and creamy raclette and goat cheeses, while it was a welcomed surprise to find the rarer French Brillat Savarin. It is a cheese table curated to compete with the best of the best.

For those that fancy a delicious beverage, Flavours places serious focus on their designated beverage tables, serving everything from freshly squeezed juices to sparkling mocktails and signature mixers. But, even more so than usual, at Flavours, one must remember to save room for dessert. It could easily be an entire meal of its own. The pastry team exceptionally showcases a variety of delicacies from made to order crepes and creme brûlée, to apple crisp and lemon layer cake. The decadent chocolate mousse cake is just one of their standouts and all of it is perfectly portioned for tasting…and then of course returning to taste some more.

Flavours, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort, 02 677 3333