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Finz – Abu Dhabi

Finz, Seafood Restaurant and Lounge is located at the popular Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi. This waterfront eatery is nestled on the shores of the hotel’s private beach. Designed to replicate a peaceful overwater bungalow, its white wood, natural colours and coral accessories add a luxurious element to the design, Finz wouldn’t be out of place in the Hamptons. The view across the water is pristine, especially in the evening as the sparkling Cleveland Clinic lights up the sky.

It is an obvious venue for the romantic seafood lovers’ date night, but it cannot be forgotten as an ideal spot for a bright and airy family dinner. The service is attentive, and waiters are happy to cater to the needs of any guest, whether wanting to eat and run, or sit and relax, enjoying the view for hours.    

The serene blue and grey minimalistic menu is a perfect reflection of Finz’s character, modern and fresh. Dishes range from Ceviche, Just Hooked, Smaller Plates, Oysters, Fresh Plates, Signature Dishes, Mains and Soups.  You would be hard pressed to find something not to your liking at Finz.

We begin with the Alaskan Crab Bisque, creamed shellfish broth with shredded crab meat and harissa. The Alaskan Crab Bisque is delicious and perfect for these cold evenings. The shredded crab meat and light hit of harissa give the soup a depth of flavour.

One of the dishes that cannot be missed is the Yellowtail Hamachi, orange and soy infused with chili. This dish packs layers of flavour from the fiery chili to the rich soy juice, we enjoy the excitement of heat and tang with every bite, one dish we would highly recommended.

Also, from the Ceviche menu we order the Lobster and Scallop Ceviche, tamarind, chili and tomato with coriander. This dish is more suited to those not liking strong flavours, for our taste (especially when in comparison with the Yellowtail Hamachi) we found it slightly bland.

As a main dish, we order the Oven Baked Black Cod with clams, squid, tomato and mushrooms alongside the Red Snapper from the Just Hooked menu. The Black Cod is enjoyable but nothing in comparison to the Red Snapper which is sensational. The large chunks of moist flaky Red Snapper offers an excellent balance of taste and structure.  

Tip, be sure to order from the Just Hooked menu, chef personally selects the fish himself from the market in the morning, making the freshness of the fish unmistakable.

While other seafood restaurants seem to forget the importance of a side dish, at Finz everything from the Grilled Broccoli to the Tunisian Couscous is perfectly done.

Offering guests six desserts to choose from we conclude our dining experience with the rich and creamy Rosemary Crème Brûlée, a great choice. With a significant menu, it is difficult to choose only a few dishes, so my recommendation is to go with friends, sit on the terrace, lounging, whilst sharing food and drinks and ordering more as the sun sets.

Alaskan Crab Bisque, AED 91

Yellowtail Hamachi, AED  91

Lobster and Scallop Ceviche, AED 91

Oven Baked Black Cod, AED 233

Red Snapper, AED 258

Rosemary Crème Brûlée, AED 53

Finz, Beach Rotana, Abu Dhabi , +971 2 697 9000