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Eat Greek Kouzina

Eat Greek Kouzina has officially opened its doors! Located in The Galleria, Al Maryah Island, next door to Bentley Bistro and Bar, Eat Greek offers diners a cosy and relaxed setting. The restaurant has the option to dine indoors, or outdoors on the terrace, overlooking blue waters and the city.

To start I select the Grilled Octopus with Eggplant Mousse, cooked to perfection, our knife cuts through the plump octopus like a warm knife through butter. The octopuses deep purple colour is only further illuminated by the bed of thick, flavourful eggplant mousse. The octopus is sensational and the eggplants adds an interesting layer of flavour to the dish.

My dining companion opts for the Soutzoukakia a la Grecque, four aromatic beef and lamb meatballs layered in a traditional tomato salsa. The meatballs are extremely moreish, at first glance the thought of meatballs may not have your taste buds jumping with excitement but trust us when we say you are going to love them! The tomato salsa sauce has just enough flavour without being over spicy, highly appreciated by my dining companion.

For drinks we try a selection of mocktails which are superb, worth mentioning, the Abu Dhabi branch is Eat Greek Kouzina’s first licensed branch and serves a selection of signature grapes, Greek hops as well as a selection of mixers, all perfectly presented.

For the mains, we select the Beef Skewers, served with chips and pita bread and the Lamb Chops, prepared Greek style, the grilled lamb chops are also served with chips. The portions are enormous especially given the price, at just AED 58 the Beef Skewers are worth every dirham. Normally when ordering Lamb Chops we are left feeling hungry as there is never enough meat on the bone, this is not the case at Eat Greek, they offer six juicy chops for AED 135.
For dessert we share the Loukoumades, these are small dumplings similar to warm doughnuts served with honey and Nutella. Despite feeling full we finish the entire serving, these sweet bites proved too hard to resist.

Having just opened we weren’t expecting much from the staff as we know service during the first month of an opening can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. However, the team at Eat Greek surprised us, the team are knowledgeable, helpful and you genuinely feel that they feel passionately about ensuring every guest leaves Eat Greek with a smile on their face.

I have no doubt that Eat Greek is going to be a huge success, the price is extremely reasonable, the quality of the meat is superb, the portion sizes are generous and the service is warm and friendly.

Grilled Octopus with Eggplant Mousse AED 65
Soutzoukakia a la Grecque AED 48
Beef Skewers with chips and pita bread AED 58
Lamb Chops with chips AED 135
Loukoumades AED 30 

Eat Greek Kouzina, The Galleria, Al Maryah Island, Ground Floor, 02 309 2323