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CLAP Dubai’s Refreshing Summer Menu

CLAP Dubai, the gastronomic hotspot in DIFC, has launched a new Summer Menu, boasting an outstanding choice of 30 vegetarian dishes and a bounty of flavour-forward vegan offerings.

The menu celebrates Japanese cuisine and draws on its naturally vegetarian influences in a cosseted sharing style.

A tasty collection of vegetarian Zensai to Hajimeru, which literally translates as bites to starters, to select from. A highlight includes the signature CLAP Salad, an intensely flavourful crunchy salad of dried miso and truffle. Another must-try is the fresh and snappy Padron Peppers drizzled with the elixir of honey miso and a hit of nutty sesame seeds.

The new Compressed Suika is set to be a favourite dish of watermelon, CLAP’s signature sunomono cucumber and gari mint dressing. In a bright east meets west contrast, bringing Karai Tomato Burrata mixed with fuyu salad, dried miso and bolstered with shiso dressing. A trip to CLAP isn’t complete without sharing the Crispy Rice Avocado, mouth-watering cubes of crispy rice topped with smooth avocado and hints of citrusy yuzu juice, coriander and shitake mushroom.

For the main event a culinary plateful of main courses awaits. The Ichigo Miso Glazed Eggplant is a delightful new addition to the menu, with skilfully seared eggplant glazed in caramelised miso. Opt for Vegetables Kushiyaki for a perfect drink pairing with skewered vegetables accompanied with edamame and incredibly tasty goma dip. Enjoy a steaming bowl of Quinoa Risotto dressed with yuzu truffle, fusing a traditional dish with Japanese best loved flavours. Hit the sweet spot with the Kara Sweet Potato, delicately balanced with a savoury shiso dashi ponzu sauce.

Be captivated by mesmerising views overlooking the city at CLAP Dubai and blown away with the indulgent culinary experience that incorporates show-stopping vegetarian foods while sipping on signature beverages inspired by Tokyo’s electric nightlife.

CLAP Dubai, + 971 4 569 3820