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Chef Grégoire Berger’s 11-Wave Menu Entitled “Escale”

Grégoire Berger has released the third chapter in Ossiano’s story with his 11-wave menu entitled, Escale. Translating as ‘stopover’, diners are invited to join Chef Grégoire as he leaves his travels around Nantes, Bordeaux and the Pyrenées (where the former experience, Metanoia ended) and embarks on adventures anew. Leaving the landscapes of his younger years behind, the Escale menu retraces Grégoire’s visits to international waters as the young chef discovers the tastes and flavours of the world.

Available until Winter 2023, the 11-wave Escale menu will continue to pay homage to the riches of the sea and coastal land with all ingredients sustainably sourced from the oceans or within 50km of a coastline. As guests arrive with Grégoire at each location, they are invited to sample an array of seasonal ingredients and sublime favourites native to each area visited. From Japanese sweet shrimp to a rather untraditional candle, each course offers sensorial surprises and delights at every turn.

One notable moment takes place at the beginning of the meal, where guests are invited to enter a curtained room and join Grégoire in his departure from his beloved French coastline as the sounds of waves crash against the rocks. This story is narrated through an extraordinary glowing plankton experience.

Another noteworthy moment, entitled ‘Cultures blend, traditions meet’, invites diners to join Grégoire on his first visit to the Big Apple, where the French coast’s bounty and New York’s vibrant streets, flavours and cultures intertwine. This experience transcends in the form of an American ‘Hot Dog’… or is it?

A final firm favourite, ‘Looking through the prism of the past’, invites diners to join Grégoire in the North of Canada for nights filled with music from strumming guitars and the sweet aroma of marshmallows on the fire. Unexpectedly presented through a dish of onion, buckwheat, and marshmallow, it is within this dish that the prism of the past brings diners closer together.

2023, to date, has been an extraordinary year for Ossiano. In June 2023, Ossiano also retained its Michelin star in Dubai’s 2023 Michelin guide.

Reservations for Ossiano’s Escale are open now, Tuesday to Sunday, 6:00pm to 1:00am (last seating 9:00pm). The experience consists of 11 waves, priced at AED 1,250.

Ossiano, Dubai, +971 4 426 0770