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Cassette, Dubai

Located in one of Dubai’s most beautiful, creative and inspirational locations, Cassette will be opening its doors to the public today, 10th of February in The Courtyard, Al Quoz. A particularly unique location, not only because it offers an opportunity to get away from the city life, but also because it is one of the oldest buildings in Al Quoz. Having been built out of recycled and re-purposed materials gives the space a great amount of sentimental value, as well as an opportunity for guests to enjoy an old town, cobblestone feel.

In a space that houses a diverse range of creative practices under one roof, Cassette will be introduced as the ultimate creative session. With H2R Design as concept creators and interior designers, guests will be offered a gateway into the very best curated content in design, music, food, art and everything in between.

Using the word CASSETTE and it’s French origins as an important source of inspiration, the re-imagined bistro takes French cuisine and puts an international spin on it. Introducing what the team like to call a “Modern Parisian Direction.” Creating an authentic and captivating story, presenting creatively curated dishes that will evoke subtle hints of French familiarity in their flavour, but has taken internationally in order to still welcome a wide range of diners and tastes.

From healthy dishes to small bites and crave-able comfort foods, Cassette has something to offer for everyone, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner – Not to mention their artisan coffee, wellness range of tea and variety of homemade juices and seasonal drinks.

Cassette will also introduce guests to a very unique selection of music, with an interactive corner where they can listen to and buy limited edition vinyl’s. Local artists in the region will also be supported by inviting them to bring in artwork for display and purchase in the re-imagined bistro. It is important to Cassette that local artists are given an opportunity to display their work for the world to see.

Serving up their distinctive cuisine and playing their original playlists every day of the week. Cassette will welcome you to settle in for inspiration, work, coffee, food or a catch up with friends. Joining a range of cultures, backgrounds and experiences, creating memorable moments #forthercordxb.