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Carluccio’s Yas Mall

For those of you who have not dined at Carluccio’s, Carluccio’s is a casual dining restaurant, café and food shop. Open throughout the day for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Carluccio’s café offers a selection of takeaway coffees, cakes and sandwiches whilst the food shop sells a selection of traditional Italian goods.

Admittedly, I’m a regular at Carluccio’s the simple Italian food and good value for money makes it one of my regular to go places when I’m not in the mood to cook. For a casual dining outlet these guys do a great seafood linguine.

As we enter Carluccio’s in Yas Mall we are warmly greeted by the team. The restaurant is packed with families enjoying a yummy Italian meal. We find a seat in one of the booths and start to browse the menu.

Today we are here to review the new menu, The Grill. As the name would suggest this menu features a selection of grills ranging from chicken, steak, sea bass, lamb and prawns. The grills each come with a selection of two sides. The sides are split into two categories one is called ‘from the kitchen’ the other ‘from the deli’. ‘From the kitchen’ offers hot selections such as mushrooms, potatoes and vegetable fries. ‘From the deli’ offers cooler items such as salads and cous cous.

We select the pollo alla griglia, marinated flame grilled spring chicken, blasted with lemon and garlic and the 500g T-bone fiorentina steak to share. We decide to share the sides and order mash potatoes, vegetable fries, spicy broccoli and rosemary potatoes.

Our meals are out in under 20 minutes, impressive. Both presented on a large wooden board our meals look like a feast and we can’t wait to tuck in.  On the bone, the chicken is full of flavour, if you like garlic you will love this dish, the rosemary potatoes are scrumptious and the spicy broccoli has just enough spice. The T-bone steak fills up much of the board, now we understand why this is for sharing. Grilled to perfection the T-bone steak is complimented well by the mash potatoes and the vegetable fries. The vegetable fries are a refreshing twist from normal French fries and we convince ourselves they have to be healthier….right?

As good as the T-bone steak is the chicken wins our vote. Overall the chicken has more flavour plus for AED 62 this is amazing value for money.

For the dessert we go off The Grill menu. One of my favourite desserts is Carluccio’s passion fruit meringue, cuts of strawberry meringue layered with passion fruit mascarpone and raspberry coulis. Light and refreshing, it’s a great dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Overall The Grill menu gets a good review from the team. A good meal at a decent price, perfect for those days you just can’t be bothered to cook!

Yas Mall
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