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Byblos Sur Mer – Abu Dhabi – Review

One of Abu Dhabi’s most celebrated Lebanese restaurants, Byblos Sur Mer has won numerous awards over the years. For those that have not yet had the pleasure of dining here, Byblos Sur Mer offers authentic Lebanese cuisine in a contemporary, two-level dining venue, with plenty of outdoor seating overlooking the marina. Byblos serves up a variety of delightful mezehs, grills and popular Lebanese dishes, all prepared by their expert chefs. Located at one of Abu Dhabi’s best dining destinations, the Intercontinental Abu Dhabi, this Lebanese restaurant is our destination of choice for this evening.

With the temperatures perfect this time of year, we opt for a seat outdoors on the spanning Byblos terrace. Dusk is just upon us and the views of the amber lit skyline are spectacular. As we look through the menu we are presented with a plate of warm Arabic bread and a few dips.

From the salad options we opt for the Tabbouleh, mixed Parsley, Tomato, Mint, Onion and Olive Oil, fine White Burghul alongside the Fattoush, a classic Lebanese salad with Mixed Greens, Sumac Bread, Walnuts and Molasses. If you want to judge any Lebanese restaurant, these two dishes always set the tone for the rest of the meal, Byblos does not disappoint, both are fresh and flavourful.

I cannot resist trying the Raheb, a whole roasted Eggplant with Vegetables and Apple Vinegar. The flavour of the Apple Vinegar in conjunction to the Eggplant is a sublime combination. I would highly recommend not overlooking this dish.

Wanting to try a few dishes from the cold mezeh section of the menu we opt for Hummus, a Chickpea Purée with Tahini and Olive Oil, the Moutabal, a Char-grilled Eggplant Purée, with Pomegranates and Tahini, the Hummus Halabi, a Chickpea Purée, Spicy Tomato, Pepper Salsa and Pistachio, and the Innabiyeh, Vine Leaves stuffed with Rice, Tomato and served with a Pomegranate Dip. The cold mezeh selection is a success with the table, my personal favourite is the Stuffed Vine Leaves, the freshness of the produce is undeniable.

From the hot mezeh section we order the Deep Fried Halloumi Cheese, fried in a Muhammara crust with Apricot, Quince and Molasses Dip. Who can ever resist the option of Deep Fried Halloumi Cheese? Another standout dish is the Kraydes Bil Ithmaliyeh, Deep Fried Prawns rolled in an Ithmaliyeh Dough, crisp to the bite and bursting with flavour.

Moving onto the grill selection we don’t hold back and order the Machawi Mchakaleh, a Mixed Grill Platter consisting of Taouk, Lamb Tikka, Kofta, and Lamb Chops. The meat arrives to the table piping hot and with the lingering smoky smell of the grill. As there are a few of us dining this evening we decide to order the Kastaleah, Char-grilled Lamb Chops with Za’atar and Basil, this dish is my dining companion’s favourite dish, the Lamb is perfectly cooked, full of flavour and flakes off the fork. Next up, the classic Lebanese dish, Shish Taouk, Char-grilled Chicken marinated in layers of Garlic. The Shish Taouk is served as cubes of delicious, marinated Chicken and is one of the best-selling dishes at Byblos. The grill selection is really where the culinary team at Byblos shine. If you are not looking for a meat dish, ask the team about the seafood selection.

For dessert we order the Halawat El Jibin Bil Assal, a Cheese Pastry, Clotted Ashta, Sweet Petal, Pistachio, and Syrup alongside the Bakdash Ish-El-Belboul, the signature dessert dish consists of Arabic Bakdash Ice-Cream presented in a Ithmaleyeh Nest and sprinkled with Pistachios and the Awamat Bi Debes Kharroub, Fried Lebanese Dumplings, Molasses, Hazelnut and Mistika Ice-Cream.

All the desserts are delicious, if you have a sweet tooth you will enjoy the extremely sweet taste of these desserts, being a savoury person myself I thoroughly enjoy the juxtaposition of sweet verses savoury the Halawat dessert had to offer, however it’s the fried Lebanese Dumplings, that get our vote. A great way to end our dining experience at Byblos Sur Mer.

Overall, the warm hospitality from the staff at Byblos Sur Mer is efficient and professional. The authentic Lebanese cuisine is exceptional, throughout our dining experience the pacing of service and food coming to the table was on point. It is no wonder that Byblos Sur Mer has won so many accolades over the years. If you are looking for a superb Lebanese restaurant, a visit to Byblos Sur Mer is a must!

Tabouleh, AED 38
Fattoush, AED 38
Raheb, AED 35
Hummus, AED 32
Moutabal, AED 32
Hummus Halabi, AED 35
Stuffed Vine Leaves, AED 38
Deep Fried Halloumi, AED 46
Deep Fried Prawns, AED 82
Mixed Gill Platter, AED 148
Lamb Chops, AED 158
Shish Taouk, AED 70
Halawat El Jibin Bil Assal, AED 50
Bakdash Ish-El-Belboul, AED 68
Awamat Bi Debes Kharroub, AED 48

Byblos Sur Mer, InterContinental Abu Dhabi, +971 2 666 6888