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Butcher & Still – Abu Dhabi

As we enter Butcher and Still, the popular steakhouse at the opulent Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi, we feel as if we’ve just stepped back in time.

Transport yourself back to 1920s Chicago, gangsters ran the streets and speakeasys were the trend. This prohibition era themed restaurant boasts leather banquettes, rich wood floors, specially selected prime cuts of American beef and prohibition-era beverages, shaken to perfection.

The restaurant is full of customers, which is impressive considering it’s a weekday. Wanting to be among the hustle and bustle we take a seat next to the open kitchen. As we browse through the menu the team presents us with warm truffle bread, the engraved Butcher and Still butcher’s knife that is presented alongside the bread is a nice touch. Still piping hot, we enjoy a few bites before placing our order.

For starters my dining partner opts for the Gulf Prawn Cocktail with tomato, horseradish and lemon. Juicy, thick and meaty, the gulf prawns do not disappoint. Being conscious that my main will be a protein dish I opt to keep my starter light and select Heirloom Caesar Salad with parmesan, warm crouton, anchovy and lemon. The portion is extremely generous, what seems like a mountain of salad is topped with a thick layer of finely grated parmesan cheese and voluptuous crisp to the bite croutons, delicious.

Wanting to move away from the obvious, for mains, I order the Lobster Thermidor with mushrooms and gruyere cheese. My dining partner, an avid steak connoisseur opts for the Ribeye 14oz 400g Chicago Style Prime Steak. For sides we select the Mashed Potatoes, Crab Mac and Cheese, Steamed Broccoli and Roasted Cauliflower.

The Ribeye is full of flavor, the knife glides through the succulent cut, and the taste is superb. Meanwhile I am finding my way around the Lobster Thermidor. The thick lobster meat works perfectly with the mushrooms and gruyere is an excellent cheese, it offers a slightly salty taste.

Our sides are a great accompaniment, the Mashed Potatoes, light and fluffy, the Crab Mac and Cheese, oozing with thick cheesy goodness, the Steamed Broccoli, our way of convincing ourselves we ate at least one healthy item today and the Roasted Cauliflower, so underappreciated by many, our advice, order it, it’s a fantastic side and perfect when paired with a heavier main.

Later we meet the man behind the menu, Chef Marshall Roth, full of passion and enthusiasm, chef insists we try the desserts, it doesn’t take much to convince us.

Whilst we wait for the desserts we go for a stroll around the restaurant. Keeping with the speakeasy theme chef shows us a secret entrance to the restaurant, which would have been similar to the unmarked doors of a speakeasy back in the 1920s. We walk through a narrow corridor lined with images of famed gangsters like Al Capone. We finally get to an elevator which takes us down to a secret dining room and bar. The secret dining room is ideal for a group of guests wanting to enjoy themselves in their own privacy. Also, for a great photo op, ladies are able to wear a selection of jewellery that would have been worn at the time from the private collection at Butcher and Still.

We return to the main restaurant after the tour and chef serves us a selection of scrumptious desserts. Our favorite is the Cherry Pie La Mode served with French vanilla ice-cream followed by the Crème Brûlée with vanilla and berries. The Cherry Pie is excellent, the pastry is perfect, and offers a welcome buttery taste with just enough flaky texture to compliment the sweet cherries. Like most other dishes this evening, don’t expect dessert to be small, one can easily be shared by two people.

Butcher and Still is a fantastic restaurant, from the design to the menu, the attention to detail is evident, nothing here is coincidence, everything is thoroughly thought through. If you are looking for an all-out American experience from the cuts of beef to the portion sizes and even chef himself, Butcher and Still will give you that and so much more. Our tip leave room for dessert, the Cherry Pie will change your life, and quite possibly your waistline.

Gulf Prawn Cocktail, AED 110
Heirloom Caesar Salad, AED 70
Lobster Thermidor, AED 435
Ribeye 14oz 400g, AED 395
Mashed Potatoes, AED 40
Crab Mac and Cheese, AED 70
Steamed Broccoli, AED 60
Roasted Cauliflower, AED 55
Cherry Pie La Mode, AED 105
Crème Brûlée, AED 75

Butcher & Still, Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi, +971 2 333 2444