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BU! Friday Brunch, Kid Designed and Kid Approved!

Are you tired of going to brunches and there being nothing to do for the kids and worst no kid friendly food? Well, BU! the city’s hottest new Latin American spot, has you covered. Their new Friday brunch has a tasty new menu for kids, designed by a kid. But never fear, parents! There is an amazing selection of food for the grown-ups too so you and your little one can enjoy a tasty Friday brunch.

Dining and Nightlife Abu Dhabi caught a few moments in between school and work with the city’s youngest chef, Vivya Kalwani. Though only 8 years old, you won’t find Vivya on the swings; you’ll find her in the kitchen whipping up fun and, yes, healthy food with parents at BU! Because cooking is what Vivya does for fun!

How old are you and where are you from?
My name is Vivya Kalwani and I am eight years old. I’m Indian by nationality, but I was born and raised in Dubai.

What is it like to be so young and contribute to a very successful brunch menu?
I feel proud and happy to be able to help my mummy and my daddy with the children’s brunch menu at BU!

What made you interested in cooking?
Watching people cook in my house inspired me to get into the kitchen and try out a few things myself. I make delicious lemonades, soup, cookies and cake.

What would you say to someone your age who is a picky eater about why they should try everything on your kid’s menu?
To the kids my age who are picky eaters, I would say “you don’t know if you like it until you try it”. Everything on BU!’s kids menu is tasty and delicious and worth a try.

How important to you, as a kid, is it too eat healthy food and why?
Healthy food is very important to me because I know people with diabetes and eating healthy is one way you can look after yourself.

What’s your favorite food?
My favorite food is grilled chicken with BBQ sauce or ketchup.

When you are not in the kitchen cooking up a storm, where would we find you on a Saturday afternoon in Abu Dhabi?
When I’m free in Abu Dhabi I usually help my parents out with their work at BU! If there is no work for me to do, I take the time to practice by hobbies, such as dancing, arts, crafts and playing the piano.

The capital’s favorite Pan Latin destination has launched a Friday Brunch so family-friendly your kids will beg you to take them. Its kid approved because it has a menu designed by a kid, the chef’s daughter, Vivya Kalwani.

Not only is the menu marvelous, there’s a full range of exciting and entertaining activities for kids, including face painting, games and movie screenings.

The menu features a selection of not-too-naughty, yet delicious dishes such as chicken quesadillas, pasta pomodoro, mini chaufa rice and fresh fruit salad for dessert.  But don’t worry, parents. BU!’s Friday brunch still offers all the amazing Pan Latin dishes you have come to love, such as papas bravas (potato, garlic, mayonnaise, Guajillo, and paprika), and arroz chaufa (mixed sea food served alongside onion, cream, chilli, and parmesan crust). Don’t leave without sampling the mouth-watering dessert tasting platter, which is so moreish, it will be the talk of the table.

BU!, Level 4, The Hub, The Mall at World Trade Center, 02 666 8066