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Brunch at the Foundry, Southern Sun, Review

Located in Southern Sun Hotel, The Foundry is renowned in Abu Dhabi as being one of the best steakhouses. By day, The Foundry is a spacious breakfast and lunch venue serving both buffet and a la carte. At night, it quite literally transforms into an intimate and stylish steakhouse serving the finest cuts in the city. Today we are visiting The Foundry to review their brunch. For brunch, The Foundry offers a relaxed, sophisticated and modern dining venue.

We are warmly greeted by the restaurant manager and escorted to our table. Our table is one of the three tables that is separate from the restaurant and based on miniature private dining island. The sound of water underneath our dining table sets a relaxing mood as we prepare to explore what The Foundry has to offer. Having dined at The Foundry previously we are confident that the food quality and service will be evident at the brunch.

Brunch at the Foundry

For starters we opt for a selection of the French and Irish oysters served with a dash of lemon. The Irish oysters are slightly meatier in comparison to the French oysters, which are slightly creamy. However both the selection oysters are fresh and full of flavor. These oysters are so fresh you could smell and taste the sea salt. A big thumbs up from us.

One of my favorite items is the small silver seafood bucket. This contains mussels, crab, prawns and lobster, apart from looking good it also ensures that you can sample the best seafood offerings at once.
As we enjoy the seafood bucket it is evident that only highest quality of seafood is being used. A salad bar is also available for those who wish to start with a lighter dish.

Before moving onto our mains we notice the seafood thermidor, a selection of delectable seafood covered in layers of wonderful cheese, we take a small portion, curious to taste this delicious looking dish.

As we browse the brunch offerings I am drawn to the steak station. On offer is a selection of cuts from the Johnstone Ireland rib eye grass fed 21 days dry aged, Ekro, Holland milk fed veal loin, USDA Angus USA tenderloin, Jacks Creek Australia flank steak Wagyu MB3 grain fed to the Mulwarra, Argentina black Angus striploin grain fed. The selection of top quality cuts is great and one of the best we have seen at a brunch.

Other highlights include the cheese room, charcuterie station, oyster station, with oysters from Ireland and France, carpaccio and tartar station, foie gras station as well as the main seafood and salad buffet.

Back to the steak. Chef recommends that we try the Johnstone, Ireland, rib eye, grass fed, 21 days dry aged steak and the Argentina black Angus striploin, grain fed. Both steaks are phenomenal so much so that we go back for more. Full of flavor, these delectable and high quality steaks are what make The Foundry brunch stand out.

Finding some room for dessert we enjoy a fruit platter and churros served with whipped cream and well presented in a small frying basket.

If you are looking for a sophisticated, affordable and modern place to brunch, why not try The Foundry brunch at Southern Sun, Abu Dhabi.

The brunch starts from AED 199* per person and is available every Friday from 12.30pm to 4.00pm.

The Foundry
Southern Sun
Al Mina Street
02 818 4888

*Prices subject to 10% service charge and 6% tourism fee.