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Blue Grill – Abu Dhabi

Blue Grill, Yas Island Rotana’s popular steakhouse now boasts an open kitchen where guests are invited to sit and watch as chef and his team articulately create a range of dynamic dishes. Blue Grill highlights hearty steaks from the US, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia and more, all chargrilled to order.

First impressions of the menu, high quality offerings, presented in a condensed one-page menu which is clear and concise. The price and value are aligned with what many guests are currently wanting, good quality produce at reasonable prices. The menu offerings have been well thought out by the culinary team, ensuring it appeals to a wider audience with dishes like Seafood Platter, Saffron Shrimp and Mango Salad and Roasted Butternut Salad.

Another notable change is the new salad bar at Blue Grill which replaces the bar, this is a great addition to the restaurant. The salad bar features a range of salads from the classic Greek Salad to the more imaginative Beetroot Salad with Orange Segment, Orange Dressing and Feta Cheese. We especially enjoy the scrumptious Coleslaw.

Now onto the starters from the ‘Let’s Begin’ section of the menu, we opt for The Wild Mushroom Soup with parmesan crostini and truffle oil. The soup is thick, yet the truffle oil adds a touch of silky luxury to the taste. My dining companion orders the Lobster Bisque with crisp lobster cigar, citrus mascarpone and soft herbs. The Lobster Bisque is bold and full of flavor, most definitely the strongest flavored Lobster Bisque in Abu Dhabi. Personally, this is exactly how I like it, but for those who prefer subtler flavors be sure to advise the team.

Having already tried, and thoroughly enjoyed, the USDA Prime Rib Eye and the Australian Wagyu MB6 we decide to move away from the steaks and really put the culinary team to the test.

For the main course, I order the Grilled Portobello and Black Bean Kofta, harissa cauliflower ’steak’, braised kale, tahina and honey sauce.  What better way to test the chefs at a steakhouse than to order a vegetarian dish? This dish offers a range of flavors from the crisp kofta shell to the sensual center emphasized further by the lightly and spicy cauliflower. The portion is also extremely generous, so much so that I struggle to finish my plate.

My dining companion opts for the Pan-Seared Salmon Steak, spice rubbed and served with asparagus spears, mango and coriander salsa. The salmon flakes off the fork effortlessly and is very delectable indeed. The mango and coriander salsa adds a flair to the dish, giving it a hint of zest elevating the entire mood of the plate. For sides we order the Grilled Asparagus in truffle oil and parmesan and the Mash Potato with truffle.

The desserts are presented to us on an I-pad, this is brilliant as we can see what each dessert looks like. For our dessert, we opt to share the Melting Moment which consists of white chocolate ball, vanilla cheesecake, lemon curd, fresh berries, chocolate soil, raspberry crispy and caramel sauce. The caramel sauce is poured over the white chocolate ball, as it collapses it exposes the sweet treats hidden inside. The Melting Moment dessert is a fun and refreshing finish to a great dining experience at Blue Grill.

Overall our dining experience was delightful, from the service to the food quality, Blue Grill exceeded our already grand expectations. Currently Blue Grill would be one of our top 3 steakhouses in Abu Dhabi. The menu is easy to navigate, dishes are creative, cuts are of good quality and variety and all are within a reasonable price range. The team have also informed us that over the summer they will be making some changes to the menu, we are very excited to revisit in September to try it out. Blue Grill guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest of appetites.

Wild Mushroom Soup, AED 40

Lobster Bisque, AED 60

Grilled Portobello and Black Bean Kofta, AED 85

Pan-Seared Salmon Steak, AED 125

Melting Moments, AED 44

Blue Grill, Yas Island Rotana, Abu Dhabi, +971 2 656 4000