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Veganism is a lifestyle choice that has gained huge momentum in the region, yet foodies tend to feel frustrated with vegan flavors that lack gusto. Bagatelle has created a meat free menu that will delight even the most discerning of palates.

Salads are always a great place to start; serving as a light, fresh introduction to culinary proceedings. The Salad de Figes blends Mixed Leaves, Black Figs and a Cabernet Dressing, while the Salade Bagatelle is a beautifully simple medley of Butter-Leaf, Fine Herbs and House Vinaigrette.

The Pizza aux Champignons, is topped with a glorious mix of Roasted Garlic and Wild Mushroom, while the Pizza aux Legumes, is bedecked with Sundried Tomatoes, Seasonal Vegetables and Salsa Verde… both so delicious, that even dairy aficionados won’t miss the cheese!

Leading onto Plats Principaux, diners will be treated to robust dishes that marry exceptional flavours and Bagatelle’s trademark culinary style. Poule des Bois Roti, sees ultra-succulent Josper Roasted Maitake Mushrooms lavished on a bed of Olive Oil Mash, Lemon Confit and Herb Dressing- c’est magnifique! Le Potager is another hearty and delicious dish- Grilled Seasonal Vegetables atop Toasted Sourdough Bread and Piperade Sauce.

Vegan dessert lovers rejoice as the Tarte Bagatelle fuses Bitter Chocolate, Coconut Sorbet and Mango Puree, alternatively cleanse the palate with a refreshing Selection de Sorbets- Coconut, Cocoa and Blood Orange.

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