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Azza Explores, Noodle Box, Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi

Yas Island Abu Dhabi’s premier hotel, Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi sets the standard for exceptional service. When dining at this exhilarating hotel you expect the food to be nothing short of spectacular.

The hotels tantalizing restaurants showcase the finest specialties from around the world, ensuring something for everyone. For today’s visit, I will be dining at Noodle Box. Noodle Box offers contemporary South East Asian cuisine in casual yet vibrant surroundings. Specialties include Laksa, Nasi Goreng, Thai Curries, Dim Sum and other Chinese classics, infused with the irresistible tastes and aromas of the East.

Yas Viceroy is one of my favourite hotels, I love everything about it, the décor, the creative fresh flower set-up in the lobby, the neutral tones and the enchanting aroma. Yas Viceroy encompasses chic elegance and of course it’s the only hotel to be built over an F1 track.

Now, onto my culinary journey. As I enter the restaurant the first thing that catches my eye is the open kitchen. Personally, I love being able to watch the chefs as they cook and work their way around the kitchen, it adds a theatrical touch. What you will also notice about Noodle Box is the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The décor contributes to this, deep earth colours make it feel cosy and relaxing.

To start, prawn crackers with peanut butter and soya sauce … very moreish, I finished them slightly faster than I wish to admit.
For appetizers, the new Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, it looks like sushi rolls but with rice paper rolled around chicken, rice noodles and aromatic herbs. It’s a taste bud explosion, a multitude of flavours burst into my mouth, this is the real definition of how an appetizer should be, it’s the perfect way to start.

For the main course, I enjoy the Kung Boa Chicken Noodles, wok fried egg noodles with chicken, cabbage, bean sprouts and my favourite black bean sauce, yummy. The foundation of the dish is a typical fried egg noodles dish but what makes it special is the chicken. The chicken is tender and adds an additional element of texture to the dish. Although I’m already full from the appetizer I cannot stop eating, the chicken is amazing and the black bean sauce is just the most perfect taste you can imagine. I would recommend this dish for the chicken lovers out there, you wouldn’t be disappointed!

The first two dishes are amazing so I cannot resist the dessert menu, it looks very appealing. I decide to try the Chilled Mango Pudding, which consists of coconut sago and mango sorbet. If you’re a fan of mango this is the dessert for you. The culinary team have been very creative in placing a variety of flavour perfectly in one bowl, you can either eat them separately or mix them together for a full flavour impact. It is a refreshing dish to complete my culinary journey at Noddle Box, Yas Viceroy. To conclude my journey, I decide to order a cup of jasmine tea, a perfect end to a wonderful dining experience.

Noodle Box is perfect for families, couples or a group of friends. My favourite part is the outdoor area, you can see the whole race track, which is amazing!
One thing I loved about Noodle Box ,other than the food, was the service, from the manager, waitress to the chef, it was all on point. Our waitress Luna was amazing, her way of interacting with the table and recommending dishes ensured we had the perfect evening.

If you’ve dined at Noodle Box before, FYI they’ve just changed the menu so it’s definitely worth another visit, and soon!

Noodle Box, Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi, 02 656 0600

Words by Azza Al Mughairy

Half Emirati, half Omani, born and raised in Abu Dhabi, Azza Al Mughairy is one of Abu Dhabi’s top social media influencers. Boasting over 13,300 Instagram followers Azza loves exploring the best our city has to offer. By day Azza works as Guest Experience Manager for the luxurious Saadiyat Beach Club. Azza’s previous experience is nothing short of impressive, having worked as a TV reporter for Abu Dhabi TV morning show, a Radio host for StarFM afternoon show, a freelance MC, personal speaker and even had her own show ‘Keep it Real with Azza’ an online radio station, White Cube Radio.

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