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Arabi Gharbi Pop-Up Introduces Levantine Cuisine At 25hours Hotel One Central

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, 25hours Hotel One Central unveils a culinary concept unlike any other with Arabi Gharbi pop-up, in collaboration with the renowned Lebanese restaurant L’Os. Taking place at the Nomad Day Bar, alongside its regular operations, this exclusive pop-up will transform the Dubai’s coolest courtyard into a culinary oasis.

Embracing the essence of Levantine and Lebanese cuisine, Arabi Gharbi presents a nostalgic Iftar buffet that pays homage to traditional recipes passed down through generations. This unique dining experience celebrates the cultural fusion between Arab and Franco-Arab heritage cuisines, arts, and traditions.

Indulge in a delightful array of dishes, from creamy hummus and fresh tabbouleh to beloved classics like mouloukhieh and siyadieh, all complemented with the renowned ouze. Taking the spotlight is the signature dish, garlic bread, steeped in tradition since 1964. Live stations will tempt you with sizzling Grilled Skewers and Chicken Shawarma. Conclude your Iftar with an assortment of delectable sweets, creating lasting memories of this culinary journey.

Art and Food Collides

The fusion of Levantine culture, cuisine, and art has brought L’Os together with Lebanese artist Ali Cha’aban to conceive the Arabi Gharbi pop-up concept. Cha’aban’s deep understanding of the Arabic language, reflected in his work, highlights the significance of the “nuqta,” or dot, over the “غ,” which transforms “Arabi” into “Gharbi,” resonating harmoniously with L’Os.

This collaboration seamlessly integrates with the 25hours Hotel, renowned for its celebration of art and design. Ali Cha’aban’s vision, combined with L’Os tradition and the hotel’s ambiance, captures the essence of traditional and contemporary Arabic heritage, enriching every moment within the soulful spaces in the heart of the city.

Nomad Day Bar welcomes guests from sunset until 11:00pm, offering an immersive Iftar experience priced at AED 175 per person.

Exclusive Room Promotions

Enhance your Ramadan experience by taking advantage of our exclusive room promotions in 25hours Hotel One Central. Unlock 20% off on rooms, spa treatments, and dining, along with complimentary breakfast or Suhoor booking directly on the 25hours Hotels website, from March 9th until April 9th.

As we transition from Ramadan to Eid, 25hours Hotel One Central extends exclusive stay offers to contribute to the celebrations from 1st to 15th April.  Opt for a 3-night stay and pay for only 2 and receive AED 200 credit to spend in the hotel. Alternatively, indulge in a 5-night stay, paying for only 3, and enjoy AED 300 credit. Book directly here.

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