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A Creative Lunch At Myrra – Dubai

Looking for a place to indulge your palate and mind? Myrra introduced its new business lunch at its beachfront location at the palm.

Myrra is a Greek/Spanish restaurant focusing on supporting creatives and innovators to join them every weekday, having started in July. For an inspirational afternoon gastronomy experience designed to foster collaboration and innovative thinking at the recently launched “Creativity Lunch” – a new concept lunch experience designed for creatives to find inspiration and be able to brainstorm outside the four walls of an office.

Myrra’s new lunch menu is made with the freshest ingredients to help balance your blood sugar levels, boost metabolism, and promote serotonin production in the brain. This menu is made for those looking for a boost of creativity. Guests are welcome to participate in this unique and creative experience five days a week.

Myrra, Dubai, + 971 4 770 1433