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99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant – Abu Dhabi

99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant has established itself as one of the most significant references of Japanese haute cuisine within the UAE. Today we are visiting 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant at their Abu Dhabi outlet, located within the stunning Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi.

The décor of the restaurant can be described as modern and sophisticated, with plush velvet seating, golden tinted lighting features, an open sushi bar and a romantic outdoor terrace. We take a seat indoors next to the window, allowing us to enjoy the view across the canal.

99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant Abu Dhabi

We order a portion of salted Edamame to start, allowing us to leisurely browse through the menu and make our selections. A few new dishes have recently been added to the menu such as Lava Rock Grilled Scallops with umeboshi sauce made from preserved plums and mentaiko, the Obsiblue Carpaccio, that proves that the 99 Sushi team never compromise on their choice of premium produce and the Seared Salmon served with yuzu and shiso guacamole, which hints at the Spanish heritage of the restaurant.

Tuna Tataki – 99 Sushi – Abu Dhabi

The team who are extremely welcoming and professional, recommend we start with the Tuna Tataki, it comes in two options the akami and the toro, we opt for the toro. Toro, the underbelly of the tuna is the best part due to its distinct flavour and texture. Served as six finely cut slices with a sesame seed edge and a sweet drizzle, the tuna literally melts in the mouth, quite possibly the best tuna we have tasted in the UAE and therefore making the Tuna Tataki an impressive start to our dining experience.

Whilst we are enjoying the Tuna Tataki the Lobster Maki arrives. Note, dishes arrive to the table once ready at 99 Sushi, which means they always arrive fresh. Should you want the pace slower or faster you may advise your server, for us the pace is perfect. The Lobster Maki with wakame seaweed, cucumber and yuzu is served as eight pieces. The thick lobster meat pairs perfectly with the yuzu.

Golden Bricks – 99 Sushi

Next, the Golden Bricks, my favorite dish since 99 Sushi opened and one, I am happy to see is still on the menu. A light toro tartare, avocado, tobiko and golden leaves, a playful dish brimming with textures and flavors, and of course would we be in the UAE if we didn’t have a touch of gold somewhere on the menu?

Wanting something warm we opt for the Lobster Tempura with wasabi mayonnaise. The portion is extremely generous and can easily be shared by two or more people. Chef has done well to ensure that the dish, even though a tempura dish remains light with the lobster retaining its flavour.

The star of our dining experience has to be the 99 Black Cod, au gratin with two layers of red miso. I struggle to find the words to explain just how sensational this dish is. The black cod flakes off the fork and as it begins to melt in our mouth the rich flavours of the red miso come forth and reignite our palate. Exceptional.

Black Cod – 99 Sushi – Abu Dhabi

Wanting a rice dish, we opt to try the new Yakimishi, a fried rice with assorted vegetables and egg yolk macerated in 99 soy. Again, the presentation is impeccable, a theme that we have seen throughout our dining experience this evening at 99 Sushi.

Although we opt to skip dessert, we feel happy doing so as the food is that good, we leave satisfied. The team at 99 Sushi are attentive throughout our dining experience, they are confident in making recommendations and not for a moment is our glass ever empty.

We know good food and it seems that even Michelin agrees with us as the Bambú Group, owner of the renowned 99 Sushi Bar restaurants around the world, has recently been awarded a Michelin star.

99 KŌ Sushi Bar, the group’s flagship restaurant in Madrid, was recently awarded a Michelin star in the 2020 edition, in appreciation of its two sampling menus based on hot food and traditional sushi, respecting Japanese flavours and techniques. The Japanese haute cuisine restaurant is run by the group’s executive chef, David Arauz, who is also the brain behind the impressive menu at 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

David has created two unique culinary experiences for all 99 Sushi guests. UAE residents and tourists can experience the Michelin-approved dishes at 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant in Abu Dhabi, and also at its newest restaurant in Dubai scheduled to open in Q1 of 2020.

Edamame, AED 30
Tuna Tataki Toro, AED 129
Lobster Maki, AED 159
Golden Bricks, AED 150
Lobster Tempura, AED 275
99 Black Cod, AED 225
Yakimishi, AED 60

99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant, Abu Dhabi, +971 2 672 3333